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rook piercing

What Is A Rook Piercing? Introduction A rook piercing, also known as barbell piercing, is a popular ear piercing that is becoming increasingly popular in the western world. If you’re wondering what a rook piercing is, and whether or not it feels good, read on for more information! A rook piercing is a type of …

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conch piercing

What is a conch piercing? Introduction A conch piercing – also known as a conch ear piercing, conch septum piercing, or conch stud ear piercing – is a piercings type that involves piercing the outer shell of a conch. Though conch piercings can look exquisite when done correctly, don’t be fooled by the popularity of …

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high lobe piercing

What is a high lobe piercing? Introduction  Are you curious about high lobe piercings? Wondering what they are, what they look like, and if they’re painful? Well, this is your perfect blog! On here, you’ll learn all you need to know about high lobe piercings – from the basics like what they are, how they’re …

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ear piercing

Ear Piercing 101: A Complete Guide to Types, Jewelry, Aftercare, and More What are the different types of ear piercings? Ear piercings are a type of body modification that involve inserting jewelry into the ear. There are three main types of ear piercings: cartilage, septum, and lobe. Ear piercings can be done in a number …

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Daith piercing

What is a Daith Piercing? Everything You Need to Know Introduction A daith piercing (also known as a Jewish ear piercing) is a piercing of the ear cartilage that goes through to the earlobe. Traditionally, a daith piercing is done during a circumcision to commemorate the event and to provide an identification mark for the …

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helix piercing

What is a Helix piercing? Introduction If you’re thinking of getting a helix piercing, this blog is for you! We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about helix piercings, from the different types of piercings to how long they’ll take to heal. We also answer all the most common questions about helix piercings, …

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standard lobe piercing

Lobe piercing FAQ: Everything You Need To Know Before Getting One Introduction If you’re considering a lobe piercing, it’s important to know the basics first. A lobe piercing is a piercing of the ear cartilage, and while it can be done in either ear, a standard lobe piercing is the most common. This piercing is …

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