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rook piercing

What Is A Rook Piercing? Introduction A rook piercing, also known as barbell piercing, is a popular ear piercing that is becoming increasingly popular in

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Nose piercing becomes part of us Nose piercing becomes part of us Nose piercing part of youth culture Introduction Nose piercings have been around for

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septum piercing What to expect from a septum piercing Introduction Septum piercings have been around for centuries, with evidence of them dating back to ancient

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belly button piercing


Belly button piercing belly button piercing Introduction Belly button piercings are one of the most popular types of body piercings. They can be a fun

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ashley piercing


Ashley piercing Ashley piercing Introduction The Ashley piercing is a new and unique style of monroe/madonna piercing. This type of facial piercings involves placing two

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tragus piercing gold color


Tragus piercing Everything you need to know before getting a tragus piercing What is a tragus piercing? The tragus itself is the small, fleshy triangle-shaped

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Industrial piercing

Industrial piercing

Do you want to learn more about the Industrial piercing? What is it exactly? Find out in this post.

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Industrial piercing

guide to all piercings

The Different Types of Piercings Introduction There’s something about piercings that just feels intriguing. Whether it’s the sleek and sexy ear piercing, the rockstar lobe

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conch piercing header

conch piercing

What is a conch piercing? Introduction A conch piercing – also known as a conch ear piercing, conch septum piercing, or conch stud ear piercing

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piercing aftercare

complete guide on piercing aftercare Introduction After you get any piercing, it is important to take care of the area around the piercing in order

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high lobe piercing header

high lobe piercing

What is a high lobe piercing? Introduction  Are you curious about high lobe piercings? Wondering what they are, what they look like, and if they’re

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ear piercing

Ear Piercing 101: A Complete Guide to Types, Jewelry, Aftercare, and More What are the different types of ear piercings? Ear piercings are a type

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eyebrow piercing

Everything You Need to Know About Eyebrow Piercings What are eyebrow piercings? Eyebrow piercings are a type of body modification that involve inserting metal studs

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angel bite piercing

Angel Bite Piercing: Jewelry, Pain, Aftercare, and More What is an angel bite piercing? An angel bite piercing is a type of mouth piercing that’s

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labret piercing header

labret piercing

The Complete Guide to Labret Piercings: Everything You Need to Know What are labret piercings? A labret piercing is a small, decorative mouth piercing on

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vertical tongue piercing header

two vertical tongue piercings

[Everything You Need to Know] About Getting Two Vertical Tongue Piercings What are vertical tongue piercings? Two vertical tongue piercings are a double mouth piercing

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Smiley piercing header

upper frenulum piercing

2022 Guide to Upper Frenulum Piercing: Cost, Healing, Aftercare, and More What is an upper frenulum piercing? Upper Frenulum Piercings are a type of body

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lower frenulum piercing header

lower frenulum piercing

The Frowny and Smiley Lower Frenulum Lip Piercings What is a lower frenulum piercing? A lower Frenulum Piercing is a type of mouth piercing that

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midline tongue piercing header

midline tongue piercing

Midline Tongue Piercing: Procedure, Experience, Aftercare, Cost, and More What is a midline tongue piercing? A midline tongue piercing is a type of mouth piercing

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mouth piercing

How to Choose the Perfect Mouth Piercing Jewelry and Aftercare Tips What are the different types of mouth piercings? There are 3 main types of

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Nasallang piercing header

Nasallang piercing

Nasallang Piercing: Everything You Need to Know About This Unique Nose Piercing What is a nasallang piercing? A nasallang piercing is a type of nose

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Septum piercing header

septum piercing

Septum Piercing: What You Need to Know Introduction  If septum piercing is on your list of piercings to get done, then you’re in for a

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rhino piercing header

rhino piercing

Rhino piercing guide Introduction Are you interested in getting a rhino piercing? If so, you’ll want to read this blog first! This article provides everything

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multiple nose piercings

multiple nose piercing

Everything You Need To Know About Getting multiple nose piercings Introduction Are you interested in getting multiple nose piercings? If so, this guide is for

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high nostril piercing header

high nostril piercing

The Pros and Cons of High Nostril Piercings Cons of high nostril piercings High nostril piercings are on the rise, and for good reason. They’re

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nostril piercing header

nostril piercing

Nose Piercing: What You Need To Know Introduction Are you curious about nose piercings? If so, you’re in the right place. In this blog post,

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nose bridge piercing header

bridge piercing

Getting a bridge piercing? This is what you need to know What is a bridge piercing? A bridge piercing is a type of nose piercing

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Austin bar piercing header

Austin bar piercing

Austin Bar Piercing: What You Need To Know Introduction If you’re considering getting an Austin bar piercing, there are a few things you need to

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nose piercing header

nose piercing

Nose Piercings: What You Need To Know Before You Go Ahead Introduction Choosing to get a nose piercing can be a big decision, and it’s

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Daith piercing header

Daith piercing

What is a Daith Piercing? Everything You Need to Know Introduction A daith piercing (also known as a Jewish ear piercing) is a piercing of

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helix piercing blog header

helix piercing

What is a Helix piercing? Introduction If you’re thinking of getting a helix piercing, this blog is for you! We’ll walk you through everything you

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standard ear lobe header image

standard lobe piercing

Lobe piercing FAQ: Everything You Need To Know Before Getting One Introduction If you’re considering a lobe piercing, it’s important to know the basics first.

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