Industrial Piercing: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting It

What is an industrial piercing?

An industrial piercing is a type of body piercing that involves two holes that are connected with a single piece of jewelry. This type of piercing is typically done on the cartilage of the outer ear, but it can also be done on other parts of the body. This type of cartilage piercingcan feel tender for some time.

What are the benefits of an industrial piercing?

An industrial piercing is a type of surface piercing that involves two holes that are connected by a barbell. This type of piercing is usually done on the top of the ear, but can be done on any part of the ear. Industrial piercings can be beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Some of the benefits of an industrial piercing include:

– They can be used to help hide a scar or other blemish on the ear.

– They can help give the illusion of a bigger or smaller ear.

– They can help add symmetry to the ears.

– They can help add interest and personality to the ears.

How long does an industrial piercing take to heal?

Since you’re essentially getting two piercings done at once, you can expect some tenderness in the entire ear while the healing process takes place. Similar to a helix piercing, healing time is generally around 6 months, but depending on your health, can take up to a year. Aftercare should include washing the piercings with a saline solution 2-3 times a day in the first couple of months. After that, you can make this a daily routine.

How much does an industrial piercing cost?

The average cost for an industrial piercing or scaffold piercing. s between $30 and $60. This includes the cost of the jewelry and the piercing itself. However, the price may be higher or lower depending on the location of the piercing and the type of jewelry used.

What are the risks of an industrial piercing?

An industrial piercing is a type of surface piercing that goes through the cartilage of the upper ear. It is usually done as a pair of piercings, with one barbell going through both piercings. Industrial piercings can be done at any age, but it is important to wait until the cartilage is fully developed before getting the piercing.

The risks of an industrial piercing include:

– Infection

– Scarring

– Allergic reactions

– Tearing of the earlobe

– Damage to the nerves in the ear

– Blood poisoning

How can I care for my industrial piercing?

– Clean your piercing twice a day with a mild soap and water.

– Avoid touching your piercing with dirty hands.

– Avoid exposing your piercing to excessive heat or cold.

– Avoid exposing your piercing to harsh chemicals, such as bleach.

– Avoid playing with your piercing.

– Wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid irritating your piercing.

– Avoid participating in activities that may irritate your piercing, such as contact sports.

– If you experience pain, redness, or swelling, see your doctor or piercing artist.

What are some common complications with industrial piercings?

While industrial piercings are generally safe, there are a few potential complications that can occur, such as:

– Infection

– Allergic reaction

– Excessive bleeding

– Swelling

– Pain

– Scarring

Can I remove my industrial piercing?

You can remove your industrial piercing at any time, but it is important to let the piercing heal completely before removing it. If you remove the piercing too soon, you may experience pain and swelling. It is also important to clean the piercing regularly to prevent infection.

How often should I clean my industrial piercing?

You should clean your industrial piercing twice a day while it is healing, using a saline solution. Avoid using alcohol-based cleaners, as they can irritate the skin. After cleaning, make sure to dry the area thoroughly.

What should I do if my industrial piercing becomes infected?

If you notice any redness, swelling, or discharge around your industrial piercing, it may be infected. See a doctor or piercer as soon as possible to get it checked out and to start treatment. Treatment may involve cleaning the piercing, taking antibiotics, or removing the jewelry.

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